Revolt! Puppy

Personal Work

“Revolt! Puppy” is my ambitious project to complete a five-issue mini-series. The obvious intent is to turn this into a graphic novel. In order to complete such a monumental task (in my own time, mind you; I have a Real Job(TM)), I am taking it one baby step at a time.

I have written the first 22 (of 110) pages, and have drawn the handful you see here, plus some more that are still sitting on my drawing board. I began inking each page as well, though I’ve since decided better inkers than I could possibly make the pages look better, so there may eventually be some pencilled pages, unless I find someone to embelish my work. Then the lettering process; only two of the pages posted online are yet lettered (the rest come very soon). I hope you will enjoy this preview; I intend to post my progress as I go along.

Comics, Photoshop, Pencil, digital ink, india ink